Global Alliance Now Charging Only One Hour Minimum for Evening Sedan Transfers

In an effort to better serve our clients’ concerns about services rates and to continue to be a market leader in a competitive limousine industry, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services will now charge only the standard one-hour minimum on sedan evening transfers with return in Toronto. Prior to this change, all evening sedan transfers with later return orders were charged at …

Fees for Use and Storage of Child Seats at Global Alliance

As our valued clients may know, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is able to provide child safety seats for chauffeured transportation in our fleet of vehicles. Children under the age of 8 must utilize child seats in motor vehicles by law in the province of Ontario, so whether provided by Global Alliance or by passengers themselves, all young children travelling with …

After-Hours Charges for Limousine Service Around the Globe

When arranging chauffeured limousine service for our valued clients, the professional team at Global Alliance strives to be diligent and accurate in providing pricing, including any possible additional fees or charges. One such charge to be aware of, which may apply for service around the world, is an after-hour or late-night charge.

Chauffeur Onsite Procedure: Texting Passenger Mobile Phone

With decades of experience in providing superior customer service in the limousine industry, the team here at Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is well aware that perhaps the most important moment in any given order is the one in which the chauffeur and the passenger meet. For this reason, our chauffeurs make particular efforts to ensure that the rendezvous with …

Important Changes to Meeting Procedures at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

As of Friday, April 1st, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services has implemented new meeting and pickup procedures for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (also referred to as Toronto City Centre Airport, Toronto Island Airport, or by its code YTZ). Precipitated by the recent opening of a new underground pedestrian tunnel connecting passengers arriving into the island-side terminal to the city on the mainland …

Secure Methods for Obtaining Clients’ Credit Card Information

Most payments from clients to Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services are made on credit card, and because of this obtaining credit card information from our clients accurately, efficiently, and securely is vital to successful customer service. Our clients are presented with several options for providing credit card information, all of which are convenient and secure.

Accommodating Luggage in Global Alliance Vehicles

An important part of providing superior chauffeured transportation to our clients is safely transporting their luggage as well. Be it hand luggage, suitcases, shopping bags, pets in carrying cases, or even larger items such as furniture, musical instruments, or other technical gear, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is glad to accommodate all of our passengers’ luggage needs.

Key Information about Long Distance Out of Town Transfers

One common chauffeured transportation requirement requested by clients of Global Alliance is long-distance out of town transfers. Certainly Global Alliance’s experienced chauffeurs frequently pick up and drop off in various Southern Ontario cities and communities on the outskirts of Toronto, locations that can be reached and returned from within a space of a few hours. However, for a variety of …

A View of Our Chauffeur Training Regimen

Providing excellent and consistent customer service is of paramount importance to Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, and our corps of professional chauffeurs are on the front line of that team effort. It is vital that Global Alliance’s chauffeurs are well-trained and prepared for anything that might happen while on the roads providing service to our valued clients. For this reason, …

A Useful Clarification of Drop Off Times

When clients and/or passengers receive confirmations of chauffeured services via email from Global Alliance, they may notice a drop off time listed to the right of the pickup time. In certain cases, this time may be several hours later than the pickup time.