Chauffeur Onsite Procedure: Texting Passenger Mobile Phone

With decades of experience in providing superior customer service in the limousine industry, the team here at Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is well aware that perhaps the most important moment in any given order is the one in which the chauffeur and the passenger meet. For this reason, our chauffeurs make particular efforts to ensure that the rendezvous with passengers goes smoothly.

One vital practice that strives for maximum efficiency and reliability in this area has recently become standard procedure for all Global Alliance chauffeurs. On all orders performed by our professional chauffeurs in the Greater Toronto service area, we ask that the chauffeurs send a text to their passenger’s mobile phone with their name, number, and exact location.

This procedure allows initial contact to be made between driver and passenger, ensures that passengers have the name and phone number of their chauffeur (which is also customarily sent to a passenger’s email and mobile phone via the Chauffeur Direct system), and specifies a meeting location where the client’s car may be found.cell-phone-people-talking

In light of increased enforcement of no-stop regulations in downtown Toronto in recent years, chauffeurs are increasingly required to find staging locations apart from the front entrance or named address of pickup locations. Texting passengers with their location helps to alleviate the potential inconvenience that these new traffic enforcement rules may cause.

In order for this procedure to be followed, the passenger’s mobile phone is required upon reserving the limousine service. Our experienced reservations and dispatch agents are trained to ask for this information from clients, and we ask that our clients make every effort to provide passenger mobile phone numbers so that they can be contacted via text or call if necessary. This one key piece of information is an important prerequisite to a seamless meet-up between passenger and chauffeur, and therefore a similar seamless transfer in our vehicle.

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