Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services Ltd.

Rate Application
Rate quotations provided by Global Alliance are based on information
provided by Client but final rate and service may vary based upon the actual
service tendered

  • All prices are in Canadian dollar figures and subject to
    availability, tolls, parking and added wait time occurrences
  • Any travel originating and/or concluding outside of
    Toronto may be subject to additional accumulative travel
    time fees.
  • For international bookings, chauffeur accommodations
    may be added to final rate contingent upon length of
    transfer or timing.

Additional Charges
An additional charge refers to those service charges, administrative charges
and travel charges that may be applied, in addition to the sum of the Base

Late Night Fee
A charge of $30.00 will apply to all transfer rates between 23:00 and 04:49.

Statutory Holiday Charge
A 20% premium will be applied to reservations that take place on all statutory
holidays in the province of Ontario, except for Family Day.

The Client must pay to Global Alliance all applicable Taxes implemented with
respect to the service provided so that Global Alliance is fully reimbursed by
the Client as required by law.

Fuel Surcharge                                                                                                                                                                              Global Alliance's fuel surcharges are set based on the average price of regular unleaded gas in Canada. The fuel surcharge applies to all domestic services tendered to Global Alliance regardless of destination or selected mode of travel. The fuel surcharge will be applied to the sum of the Base Rate.

Airport Wait Time Policy
A 45-minute grace period is provided on airport arrival pick-ups from Pearson
International Airport and Toronto Island Airport and a 15-minute grace
period from FBOs. Global Alliance will attempt to contact client during grace
period. After grace period expires, Global Alliance will wait an additional 15
minutes before cancelling transfer and client will be responsible for charges.

Airport Fee
An additional charge will be applied to Global Alliance services which are
subject to charges by the local airport or regulatory authority. Effective
September 15th, 2012, and subject to change, the Greater Toronto Airport
Authority mandates that Pre-arranged and Charter Bus Pick-up fees for
commercial vehicles be imposed as follows:

Onsite Coordinator Charges
Global Alliance offer comprehensive event management support including
the option of using our experienced onsite coordinating team to manage all
transportation logistics for your group, meeting, or event:

Onsite Coordinator Cancellation Policy
Service cancellations require 48 hrs. notification otherwise are subject to standard 4 hr. minimum service charges being applied.

Greeting Service Cancellation Policy
YYZ and YTZ service cancellations require 2 hrs. notification otherwise are subject to full charges being applied.

Clients are required to pay for Global Alliance's services at the time such services are requested or, if Global Alliance invoices the Client, in accordance with the terms of the applicable invoice. Clients are required to pay for Global Alliance's services within 15 calendar days from the date of invoice or in accordance with their Preferred Client Pricing Agreement. if the Client fails to pay an invoice in full when due, interest may be charged at the rate of 2% per month, on all outstanding amounts. Clients are fully responsible for all outstanding amounts on their account.

Invoice Discrepancies
Clients should contact the telephone number on their invoice to report discrepancies. Invoice/billing discrepancies must be brought to Global Alliance's attention within 30 days of the date of the invoice, after which time such invoice will be deemed accepted by the Client.

Refunds for Global Alliance Service Guarantees
To obtain a refund or credit where applicable in accordance with Global Alliance's service guarantees. Clients should contact the telephone number on their invoice and be ready to provide their trip ID number. Global Alliance must receive a request for refund or credit with respect to a trip to which a service guarantee applies within 30 calendar days of invoice date.

Passenger(s) Affirmation
Global Alliance provides the Client with trip status updates including initial confirmation of securing passenger(s) into assigned vehicle. Global Alliance requires that in the event that passenger has difficulty in locating dispatched vehicle, contact be made with Global Alliance Dispatch Office via phone (1- 800-267-0122 x.2), e-mail (reserve@global-alliance.ca), or by texting 416- 410-3555. Full fare will be charged in those occurrences where the passenger(s) leave the pick-up location without prior notification to Global Alliance.

Right to Use Agents and Subcontractors
Global Alliance reserves the right to possible use of agents and subcontractors in the performance of its services. Any exercise of this right Terms and Conditions.

Drop and Return Policy
Requests for drop-off and return will only be fulfilled where there is a minimum of 4 hours between drop-off and return time. Minimum service hours will be applied on each end of transportation service.

Stop en Route
Request to make a stop on a scheduled transfer may result in an additional charge being applied.