A Useful Clarification of Drop Off Times

When clients and/or passengers receive confirmations of chauffeured services via email from Global Alliance, they may notice a drop off time listed to the right of the pickup time. In certain cases, this time may be several hours later than the pickup time.

New clients who are unfamiliar with the nature of this feature of confirmations and with Global Alliance’s practices and policies in reference to hourly minimums and garage-to-garage times may be concerned when they see a listed drop off time two hours or more later than their pickup time. In particular, clients and passengers may be worried that they may not make their destination on time if a later drop time has been arbitrarily set.

These are valid and understandable concerns that Global Alliance’s professional agents are experienced at addressing with clients with tact and sympathy. No client or passenger would wish to receive the impression that they are unlikely to reach their destination in time, and it is not at all Global Alliance’s intention to give that impression.

Without dismissing such concerns, it is important to clarify to our clients that the drop off time listed on confirmations is not an accurate or predictive time for the physical drop off of passengers. It is instead based on either hourly minimums on the specific vehicle ordered, estimated total travel times for out-of-town limousine services, or otherwise estimated end times for hourly or livery services. In all of these cases, the drop off time is of more concern in chauffeur assignment and billing terms than for anticipating when the passenger will actually arrive at their final destination.

For these reasons, clients should not be concerned about drop times listed on email confirmations being later than desired arrival times at destinations. Our professional chauffeurs have years of experience in getting passengers to their destinations with maximum efficiency and in a minimum amount of time. Drop times indicating later destination arrivals are almost certainly related to block-time minimums. At Global Alliance, we always put our best effort forward to address client concerns and balance those concerns with our assignment policies and billing requirements. Feel free to speak to your Global Alliance reservations specialist about drop times if you have any other issues or concerns.


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