Secure Methods for Obtaining Clients’ Credit Card Information

Most payments from clients to Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services are made on credit card, and because of this obtaining credit card information from our clients accurately, efficiently, and securely is vital to successful customer service. Our clients are presented with several options for providing credit card information, all of which are convenient and secure.

The most basic methods for obtaining credit card details from clients are also the most common methods of reserving chauffeured transportation service with Global Alliance: by email and by phone. Our experienced reservations specialists can receive and enter credit card information while speaking to our clients on the phone while booking, and can also enter that information provided in an email from our client. Our reservationists are seasoned at recognizing if any piece of information is missing for the credit card in question, be it missing digits on the card or expiry dates, cardholder name, or billing address that would be required. Reservationists will confirm all details with clients, either through email or over the phone.

Please note that our emails, like all of our digital technology at Global Alliance, are secure and tightly protected, as are our phone lines. Calls are also recorded for quality control purpose, allowing our agents to verify credit card details via voicelog audio files if necessary. In addition, credit card numbers are password-protected in our Livery Coach reservations program. This means that anyone in our office who wishes to access a credit credit-card-pilecard number, to edit it or even to simply view it, must enter a password to verify that they are an authorized Global Alliance agent who is allowed to access that information.

There are two other methods for providing Global Alliance with credit card details for limousine services that allow clients to exercise even more personal control over their private information. Global Alliance can provide a credit card authorization form with fields that can be filled in with pertinent information (card number, expiry date, cardholder name and signature, billing address), which can be emailed or faxed to clients and returned to us by the same methods. This form can be sent to any client providing card information, but it is company policy for new clients reserving service with Global Alliance for the first time to fill in this form and return it to our office with the information for the card to be charged.

Alternatively, clients utilizing Global Alliance’s online booking system can enter credit card details directly into their booking profile. Cards can also be removed or edited by clients via the online booking engine and then selected for charges on a specific order.

Whether adding credit cards via the phone, email, an authorization form, or online booking, ensuring that card information is obtained accurately, efficiently, and securely is an important factor in guaranteeing customer service excellence at Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, and giving clients a variety of options streamlines that process.

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