A View of Our Chauffeur Training Regimen

Providing excellent and consistent customer service is of paramount importance to Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, and our corps of professional chauffeurs are on the front line of that team effort. It is vital that Global Alliance’s chauffeurs are well-trained and prepared for anything that might happen while on the roads providing service to our valued clients. For this reason, we provide our chauffeurs with rigorous and effective training before they are cleared to pick up a client.

Before training even begins, chauffeurs hired by Global Alliance must meet high standards. A clean driving record and a livery license from the City of Toronto are prerequisites for all Global Alliance chauffeurs, and background checks are also performed before hiring. This ensures that only the best chauffeurs are given the Global Alliance imprimatur of excellence before going out on the road.

Chauffeurs come to Global Alliance from all walks of life. Many have years of experience in chauffeured transportation or other driving disciplines, while others bring a wealth of Chauffeured-and-Limousine-Servicesother experience and a passion for customer service. Whatever their experience level, chauffeurs are given intensive training in both a classroom setting and in a vehicle before they provide limousine service to passengers.

Newly hired drivers are trained by one of our most experienced chauffeurs for two days in a classroom setting, drawing on visual, verbal, and printed materials to intensively indoctrinate the new recruits into Global Alliance’s policies and procedures. Good customer service practices are also covered in detail, and the experienced chauffeur/teacher shares advice and wisdom with the new charges as well. New chauffeurs will also receive work-issued phone and tablet to facilitate direct communication with the dispatch office as well as with clients, along with instruction on the proper use of these devices.

After the completion of this portion of the training program, the new chauffeur will complete two days of in-car training with an experience colleague as well. The trainee will first ride along with an established chauffeur as they pick up and drop off clients, studying their service practices and driving methods. Then the trainee chauffeur will drive passengers to and from their destinations on a second in-vehicle training day with an established chauffeur riding along in the passenger seat to observe their work. Clients will be consulted prior to any trips performed by the trainee-trainer team to ensure that their permission is acquired to have the extra chauffeur in the vehicle with them.

Once the newly hired chauffeurs have satisfactorily completed this brief but comprehensive training regimen, they will be fully ready to provide exemplary transportation services to our valued clients. Ensuring that our chauffeurs meet the highest possible standards and inculcating them with the best procedures and practices preserves Global Alliance’s reputation as a provider of superior chauffeured transportation services.

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