Important Changes to Meeting Procedures at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

As of Friday, April 1st, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services has implemented new meeting and pickup procedures for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (also referred to as Toronto City Centre Airport, Toronto Island Airport, or by its code YTZ). Precipitated by the recent opening of a new underground pedestrian tunnel connecting passengers arriving into the island-side terminal to the city on the mainland without the use of a ferry, these new procedures were crafted based on feedback from clients and from our professional chauffeurs and should maximize passenger convenience at this location.

Standard procedure for meeting arriving passengers at YTZ will now be as follows. Passengers will proceed through the island terminal upon arrival to the pedestrian tunnel, a journey of five minutes or less. The tunnel is accessible via escalator and elevator and is equipped with moving sidewalks and cellular service to speed movement and enable communication. Our chauffeur and vehicle will be staged either curbside at the exit of the tunnel or mere metres away from that location in the parking area.

It is standard procedure for chauffeurs to text passengers on cell numbers provided once they are on location for all pickups, so this will be done on YTZ arrival transfers as well to Airport-aerialestablish contact. We also ask that arriving passengers at YTZ text or call their chauffeur at the number that has texted them or that they receive via email or text through Chauffeur Direct once they have arrived. This way the vehicle can be ready at the curb for them upon exiting the tunnel. For this reason, it is important for clients reserving limousine services at YTZ to provide cell phone numbers for passengers. Our reservations and dispatch specialists are well-trained to obtain for these numbers and we ask that booking clients and passengers make every effort to provide cell information to facilitate this process.

Should passengers desire or need to be picked up island side instead, this can still be arranged if specifically requested. A chauffeur will meet with signage after baggage in the island terminal before returning their passenger(s) to the mainland via the vehicular and pedestrian ferry. Please note that additional fees for the ferry, island parking, and the chauffeur greet will be applied to this procedure option. No additional fees apply to the new standard mainland procedure.

We ask our valued clients and passengers for their cooperation in aiding us to transition to this new Toronto Island Airport meeting procedure smoothly and effectively. We at Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services are confident that it will improve customer convenience and satisfaction while also reducing fees for YTZ arrivals. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns with regards to this new practice.

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