Key Information about Long Distance Out of Town Transfers

One common chauffeured transportation requirement requested by clients of Global Alliance is long-distance out of town transfers. Certainly Global Alliance’s experienced chauffeurs frequently pick up and drop off in various Southern Ontario cities and communities on the outskirts of Toronto, locations that can be reached and returned from within a space of a few hours. However, for a variety of reasons, clients may require longer-haul service to locations further outside the Golden Horseshoe region, including the Province of Quebec and the United States.

Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is glad to provide such services, but keep in mind that certain requirements, restrictions, and special charges may apply. For reservations involving a border crossing into the United States, chauffeurs will require a passport in order to cross the border. Additional notice may be required, or would at least be appreciated, for such transfer requirements in order for dispatch to assign a chauffeur with the proper documentation to enter the U.S. Please note that additional wait time may apply for any transportation involving a border crossing as well. Licensing and legislation governing limousine service may also limit where our chauffeurs may pick up or drop off; please confirm if a transfer is possible before booking, as it may be farmed out to an affiliate in another location instead of being handled by a Toronto-based Global Alliance car and chauffeur.

For long-distance trips, note that chauffeurs are not permitted to drive for more than 12 hours without rest, and, practically speaking, would require breaks more frequently than that to remain fresh and alert to drive our clients smoothly and safely. Should clients wish to travel continuously, it may be necessary to reserve a second chauffeur; please confirm the feasibility of such arrangements with dispatch prior to booking.

On longer trips such as those described, particularly those necessitating chauffeurs to be out of the Greater Toronto Area for more than 24 hours, a per diem is also charged to cover the chauffeur’s meals and accommodations. This per diem is generally set at $50/day for meals and $150/day for accommodation (amounts in Canadian dollars), though these amounts may vary based on local pricing.

Keep these charges and restrictions in mind when requesting long-distance services with Global Alliance, but we will be glad to fulfill requirements of this type for our valued clients. Speak to your Global Alliance reservations specialist today about long-distance out-of-town service.

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