Accommodating Luggage in Global Alliance Vehicles

An important part of providing superior chauffeured transportation to our clients is safely transporting their luggage as well. Be it hand luggage, suitcases, shopping bags, pets in carrying cases, or even larger items such as furniture, musical instruments, or other technical gear, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is glad to accommodate all of our passengers’ luggage needs.

In order to increase safety and decrease liability, it is a firm Global Alliance policy not to allow any luggage, bags, or other items unsecured in the seating areas of our vehicles. This means that all luggage must go into the trunks of sedans, rear areas of SUVs and Vans, and luggage compartments of executive vans and buses, with the exception of hand luggage. Another exception is for small pet carrying cases, which can be held on passenger’s laps or just next to them.

Because of this policy, which protects passengers from potential injury from unsecured items in a collision or even a sudden stop, it may be necessary to reserve a larger vehicle than is strictly necessary to accommodate a given passenger count in order to accommodate a given luggage count. A larger vehicle (say, a SUV rather than a sedan) may also be necessary to handle a pet carrier as well, depending on its size. Consult with your reservations and/or dispatch specialist upon booking limousine service to confirm that the vehicle being reserved has requisite luggage space for the items expected to be brought along by passengers.

It is also worth noting that our Ford Vans have removable seats and can therefore accommodate a varying amount of luggage and passengers, depending on client needs. Luggage Vans are also available, with a configuration with all seats removed that allows for the entire vehicle to be filled with luggage or other gear or equipment.

Please be aware that at the maximum seating capacity for the Vans (14 passengers, all seats in), there is no practical luggage space at the rear of the vehicle, as the back seat is nearly flush with the rear doors. Also, other vehicles such as the Stretched SUVs and the Limobus have no luggage compartments or space whatsoever, while Stretch Limousines have the same trunk space as a standard sedan, so keep this in mind when considering such vehicle types.

Chauffeurs are customarily glad to serve passengers in terms of providing aid in moving luggage in and out of our vehicles, but should there be a large amount of luggage (such as in a luggage van), please make our office staff aware so that a physically capable chauffeur can be assigned to the order in question.

With these policies and practices in mind, and in consultation with our experienced reservations and dispatch specialists, Global Alliance’s valued clients will see that their luggage requirements are well taken care of. Feel free to ask us more about luggage-related concerns at any time.

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