Worldwide Affiliate Network Destinations: Prague

At Global Alliance, we take the “Worldwide” in our company name very seriously. We pride ourselves in offering premium limousine services to our clientele not only in our home base of Toronto but around the globe. Through our sophisticated network of trusted worldwide affiliates, Global Alliance can provide professional chauffeured services in hundreds of international cities. We will discuss many of the major worldwide destinations served via our affiliate network on this blog. The historic, compelling city of Prague is our destination for today’s blog entry.

A major urban hub of Central Europe for over a thousand years, Prague has been the capital of Bohemia, the Holy Roman Empire, and Czechoslovakia, as well as a major city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire over the centuries. It is now the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, with over 2 million residents in the metropolitan area. Prague accommodates many more people than that on an annual basis, however, as its deep history, period architecture and vibrant culture have helped to make it the fifth most-visited city in Europe.

Although the Prague region has been inhabited for thousands of years, the current city has its origins in the 800s, when the oldest stones were laid in Prague Castle. This structure, estimated to be the largest ancient castle complex in the world, was the seat of power in the Czech lands for centuries and is one of the city’s finest attractions. It displays the pragueBohemian Crown Jewels for visitors, as well as the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral in one of its courtyards. Vysehrad, a rival fort dating to the 10th Century, also still stands on one of Prague’s adjacent hills. These sites, along with the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square with its elaborate Astronomical Clock, and the atmospheric Jewish Quarter, comprise the historic centre of Prague, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As the modern capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is also home to the national government and many national cultural institutions. Prague is also known for its Art Nouveau architecture as well as for its world-renowned beer culture, with many well-appreciated and established breweries and drinking establishments in and around the city. Prague’s major transportation hubs are Vaclav Havel Airport (the country’s largest) and its main railway station, which connects to Europe’s extensive rail network.

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