Worldwide Affiliate Network Destinations: Bogota

At Global Alliance, we take the “Worldwide” in our company name very seriously. We pride ourselves in offering premium limousine services to our clientele not only in our home base of Toronto but around the globe. Through our sophisticated network of trusted worldwide affiliates, Global Alliance can provide professional chauffeured services in hundreds of international cities. We will discuss many of the major worldwide destinations served via our affiliate network on this blog. Today we travel to the bustling South American city of Bogotá, Colombia.

Bogotá is Colombia’s capital city and largest city, with approximately 9.8 million residents in its metro area and is considered a Beta world city. It has the third highest elevation of South American capital, spread as it is over 1,500 square kilometres in a savannah (or high plateau) of the Andes in the approximate centre of the territory of Colombia. Traditionally considered to be founded by Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada in 1538, Bogotá grew throughout its colonial period into an important interior settlement in Spain’s New World colonies. By the time of Colombia independence from Spain in 1819, the city counted 30,000 inhabitants.100px-Bogota_(escudo).svg

Bogotá is Colombia’s major international business market, with over a thousand multinational companies based in the city and foreign investment a major factor in the urban economy. Its historical district, La Candelaria, is a popular destination with visitors, and includes some of the city’s best-known museums, including the art collection of the Botero Museum and the unique pre-Columbian artifacts of the Gold Museum. The National Museum of Colombia is also a major cultural and historical institution in the city. Plaza de Bolívar is the main urban square and is flanked by many landmark buildings of the national government as well as the city’s primary cathedral, built in the early 19th Century.

Bogotá’s main air travel hub is El Dorado International Airport, to the west of the city centre. El Dorado is among the world’s top 50 busiest airports, third in South America in passenger traffic and first in cargo movement. It has won awards as the continent’s best airport, but a new airport dubbed El Dorado II is being planned for a 2021 opening to ease the congestion in the current airport.

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