Worldwide Affiliate Network Destinations: Atlanta

At Global Alliance, we take the “Worldwide” in our company name very seriously. We pride ourselves in offering premium limousine services to our clientele not only in our home base of Toronto but around the globe. Through our sophisticated network of trusted worldwide affiliates, Global Alliance can provide professional chauffeured services in hundreds of international cities. We will discuss many of the major worldwide destinations served via our affiliate network on this blog. Today, our destination is the southern U.S. hub city of Atlanta.

Atlanta is the capital and largest city of the state of Georgia, with around 450,000 residents in the city proper and 5.5 million in the wider metropolitan area, the ninth-largest in the United States. Although Atlanta was founded less than three decades before the American Civil War, it was a key strategic transport and trade hub by the 1860s, located at the junction of two major railroads. Burned to ruins by the Union Army in 1864 (an event made mythic by its depiction in the movie Gone with the Wind, based on the novel by Atlanta native Margaret Mitchell), Atlanta was rebuilt and recovered quickly, gaining prominence as the state capital in 1868 and surpassing the coastal city of Savannah as Georgia’s largest city by 1880.

Growing ever larger throughout the 20th Century, Atlanta became the most prominent and cosmopolitan urban centre of the “New South”, an economic, educational, cultural, and transport hub. It is home to the headquarters of many major corporations, most notably Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, and UPS. CNN, one of the world’s largest cable news atlantanightchannels, was also founded by Ted Turner in the city and continues to be headquartered in Atlanta. Atlanta capped a memorable century of growth by hosting the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, the centennial edition of the Olympics.

In terms of culture and recreation, Atlanta boasts major performing arts venues, museums, and cultural institutions like many larger cities, most prominently the South’s top art museum, the High Museum of Art, and the historic Fox Theatre. Its finest green space is Piedmont Park in Midtown, with the Atlanta Botanic Garden adjacent to it; Atlanta’s cityscape is also dominated by a tree canopy with a nationally-leading 36% tree coverage percentage, and it is often described as a “city in a forest”. Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium are popular attractions with locals and visitors alike, as are the home games of local pro sports teams the Atlanta Braves (MLB), Atlanta Hawks (NBA), and Atlanta Falcons (NFL).

Atlanta’s main airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, commonly described as the busiest airport in the world (in terms of passenger movement and aircraft operations) and the main hub for Delta Airlines, which is based in Atlanta and is the city’s largest employer.

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