VIP Meet and Greet Service at Pearson International Airport

At Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, we consider the ease, convenience and privacy of our clients to be a matter of the utmost concern. This is particular the case at airports when dealing with VIP passengers, who wish to minimize hassles from both airport controls and the general public. With these concerns in mind, as a supplement to our standard Meet and Greet service in the Main Arrivals Hall of Pearson International Airport, Global Alliance is proud to offer a suite of VIP Meet and Greet services to escort VIPs from the gate of their flight to their Global Alliance chauffeured vehicle with comfort and discretion.

Upon arrival, the standard practice for a VIP Meet and Greet will see our friendly and professional greeting service meet passengers at the arrival gate with specified signage. From there, the VIP passenger will be escorted through to the immigration counter and to baggage claim, where a porter service will have been arranged beforehand to aid with luggage. Once the luggage is in hand, the greeter will continue to escort the passenger through arrivals to their waiting Global Alliance vehicle, which will either be staged at a given door as arranged with airport control or called up to the pre-arranged limo area prior to the VIP passenger’s arrival at curbside.

Another optional service upon arrival allows for our VIP greeter to escort passengers to the Plaza Premium Lounge to rest in luxury and comfort after their flight. Personal shopper service inside the airport is also available (excluding duty free), as is transit service to escort passengers transferring between flights, be they international or domestic, at Pearson Airport.

VIP Meet and Greet service is also available upon departure out of YYZ. In concert with a standard Global Alliance curbside greeter (as well as a luggage porter) who will meet the passenger at curbside on the Departures level upon drop off, the VIP greeter will rendezvous at the welcome counter. From that point, the VIP greeter will escort passengers through customs and security to the departure gate, with Departures lounge use also a purchasable option on departures.

These services are offered at various pricing points, depending on whether it is an arrival, departure, or transfer service, and whether the lounge is being used. Package rates are available for services required on both arrival and departure. Pricing is also dependent on the number of VIP passengers being attended to; different rates are set for one to four passengers, unlike Global Alliance’s standard greeting or chauffeured transportation services, which are not costed per person. Clients who have used the service for their VIPs, however, will attest to it being worth the cost to see that their passengers are well taken care of.

Click on this link to view a full PDF detailing the VIP Greet service offered, including pricing, specific services, packages, contact information, and conditions: VIP Meet and Greet

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