Update on Meeting Procedures at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Now that the pedestrian tunnel connecting the island terminal of Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport is in operation, Global Alliance has carefully evaluated the feasibility of meeting clients on the mainland side for YTZ arrivals.

While it may initially seem more efficient to simply pull the car up and meet passengers at the mainland terminal and passenger tunnel exit, the issue remains a lack of infrastructure for our vehicles to stage at the very busy mainland area of the airport facilities. There is only a minimal amount of parking available, which would not guarantee our chauffeurs the ability to wait in close proximity for the passengers’ arrival.

Previously when our chauffeurs have attempted mainland side pickups, we were missing a large percentage of clients, so we amended our procedure to have chauffeurs cross over on the ferry and meet passengers inside the terminal, then cross back on the ferry with passenger in vehicle.

To clear up any concerns, Global Alliance wishes to inform our valued clients that the opening of the underground passenger tunnel, it does not appear that it will help us to switch to mainland side pickups and provide any sort of consistent or reliable service. Therefore, Global Alliance’s chauffeurs will continue with our established procedure for arrivals at YTZ: crossing over on the ferry, meeting passengers inside the island terminal, and then returning them on the ferry.

Please feel free to contact us at feedback@global-alliance.ca if you have any questions or concerns with this policy. Thank you very much for your continued support.

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