An Unparalleled Dedication to Safety

When it comes to the safety of our clients, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services leaves nothing to chance. Paired with our unparalleled commitment to quality and reliability is our dedication to providing the safest possible transportation for our passengers, as well as the safest working conditions for our employees. The safety of those who trust us to provide the highest level of service is a responsibility that everyone at Global Alliance takes very seriously.

Global Alliance takes great pride in keeping its fleet in exemplary condition at all times. In keeping with our consistent strong and steady safety record, our vehicles are submitted for rigorous inspection every fifteen thousand kilometers to ensure that they meet all municipal, provincial, and federal guidelines and are in good overall mechanical fitness. Our comprehensive maintenance program, supervised in-house by our Fleet Manager in close collaboration with trusted local service centres with whom the company has long-standing relationships, allows us to assure our clients that our vehicles are kept in optimal working condition at all times. We equip our vehicles with snow tires each winter as well.

In addition to our focus on mechanical maintenance, our trained professional chauffeurs are keenly aware of closely monitoring safety concerns as well as providing exceptional service to our clients. Our monitoring program mandates that all mechanical or aesthetic concerns about a vehicle be reported to management by our chauffeurs, as should the full details of any incident that occurs while clients are on board. It is also our policy to never overload our vehicles beyond the maximum passenger capacity as specified by the manufacturer or to seat more people than can be secured by the vehicle’s seatbelts.

Our thorough maintenance program and the detailed training and professional vigilance required of our experienced chauffeurs allows Global Alliance to boast an impressive safety record which we hope to continue and even improve on in the future. The safety of our clients is of paramount importance, and dedicating our efforts to guaranteeing not only comfort and convenience but safety as well makes Global Alliance your preferred choice for secure chauffeured transportation.

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