Toronto Downtown Core Pickups: Waiting on Side Streets and Traffic Enforcement

Much of Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services’ daily business is linked to business roadshows, a series of scheduled meetings at mostly downtown office locations for out-of-town clients on one- or two-day visits to Toronto. Our knowledgeable chauffeurs navigate the Financial District on a regular basis, and, with support from our experienced dispatchers, are well-prepared for any road closures, accessibility concerns, or traffic enforcement issues in that area.

With that in mind, it is also important for our valued clients to be fully aware of the issues that affect theirtransfers in Toronto’s downtown core. Armed with this knowledge, clients can avoid delays, stresses, and inconveniences in locating their chauffeurs.

One key piece of information concerning Financial District pickups is that chauffeurs are 512px-Downtown_Toronto-02often obliged by traffic enforcement and police presence to wait on side streets rather than on major routes through downtown. Key core thoroughfares such as Yonge Street, Bay Street, University Avenue, Bloor Street West, King Street West, Queen Street West, and Front Street West are generally flagged as no-stopping zones during daytime and peak hours. The City of Toronto is stepping up enforcement of such restrictions in a renewed effort to reduce traffic congestion in high-volume areas, so even a brief stop and wait on any of these roads may not be possible for our vehicles.

In the case of most major downtown office locations along these streets, a side street waiting point is generally specified. So, for an office tower address such as 181 Bay Street, the chauffeur waits on Wellington Street West; for 1 Queen Street East, the vehicle will be staged on Victoria Street, etc. Side street staging points should be listed on client confirmations when it is emailed to them upon booking, but our dispatch team keeps an eye on pertinent locations and can contact clients and/or passengers to inform them of where their chauffeurs will be waiting.

Although chauffeurs, reservations specialists, and dispatchers are all trained to keep a close eye on potential issues such as side street pick up locations and inform clients and passengers either at the time of booking or prior to the pickup time, clients and passengers should also be aware of these traffic enforcement issues in Toronto’s Financial District and how they may impact upon their limousine service with Global Alliance. Feel free to ask your Global Alliance agent about possible side street pick up points while reserving your service and they will be happy to provide more information.

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