Tools for Ensuring Accuracy of Addresses: Locations Database, Pickup/Drop Off History, and MapPoint

One of the most important details on any limousine service reservations with Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is the address from which our chauffeurs are picking up passengers or at which they are being dropped off. Ensuring that chauffeurs have accurate locations for limousine services is as vital as ensuring they have accurate times. It is a foundational detail for each reservation that comes through our office.

For this reason, Global Alliance reservations and dispatch agents utilize several key features of our Livery Coach program to ensure that addresses are accurate. One such feature is the Database of Locations or Points of Interest, which has been discussed on this blog in the past.

Locations can be saved to a database in Livery Coach, categorized (as hotels, airports, restaurants, clubs, offices, etc.), and given specific detail with postal codes and phone numbers. Selecting a location from this database ensures that its details are correct, and aids our dispatch team, allowing them, for example, to contact a given hotel to locate a passenger should they not show up at the appointed time for their service. This database is regularly updated by our experienced agents to ensure its accuracy.

As was also discussed in that previous post on the subject, any address entered into an order enters the Pickup/Drop Off History for that specific client (and/or passenger, should they be set up with a profile in Livery Coach). These addresses can be quickly selected upon booking to increase speed in the reservations process while maintaining accuracy.

Another tool at our agents’ disposal not previously discussed, however, is our system of address verification. Accessing the extensive address database software of Microsoft MapPoint, Livery Coach is able to verify and provide postal/zip codes for practically any address in North America. With a few clicks, our agents are able to verify that an address is accurate. Should there be any discrepancy between the information provided concerning that location and the nature of the service reserved, or should an address not verify via Livery Coach and MapPoint, our agents can then follow up with our clients to confirm the locations in question.

MapPoint can also be used to plot trip routes and estimate travel times. When employed in concert with online resources such as Google Maps and Google Streetview, MapPoint is a powerful tool in Global Alliance’s kit when it comes to maximizing accuracy in the professional chauffeured services that we provide every day to our valued clientele.

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