Split Evening Transfers: Minimizing Waiting Time Costs to Serve Clients Better

One type of chauffeured transportation service commonly required by Global Alliance’s clients involves evening transfers to and from restaurants, theatres, sporting events, or other social engagements. In our extensive experience with limousine service, we have found that passengers often require additional time beyond their pre-set pickup time to prepare for their evening out. Passengers also frequently stay at their destination beyond their pre-set return pickup time, wishing to enjoy their dinner or show or game without being rushed but also without the worry of being billed for exorbitant wait time charges.

In the interest of balancing customer concerns with adequate chauffeur compensation, Global Alliance offers special policies and hourly minimums for evening transfers with returns in our sedans. Usually billed at a one-hour minimum charge (based on the applicable hourly rate) sedans booked for split evening transfers have a 1.5-hour (90 minute) minimum. This minimum time is treated as an hourly service, meaning that the vehicle is at the passenger’s disposal for one hour and thirty minutes following the pickup time before further billable time is added on.

In effect, this policy tends to eliminate (or at least minimize) wait time charges on evening transfers, as passengers are generally in the vehicle, on their way, and often even arrived at their destination within the 1.5-hour window. Although we are certainly happy to book services involving an onsite wait for the vehicle if desired, in our experience the split sedan transfer option, while constituting two 1.5-hour charges, is a less expensive option when potential wait time is taken into account. Clients can also specify that they wish to have an Authorized Wait on the service, which means the chauffeur and office will not attempt to contact them if they do not come out to the car at the reserved time, with the chauffeur waiting onsite or nearby until contacted instead.

Additionally, our dispatchers are able to guarantee the same driver assignment for both legs of the transfer and return service. This allows the passenger to work out a pickup location with the driver before being dropped off at their location, if required, as well as to establish a familiarity with the driver to expedite the return rendezvous, of course.

In most situations, therefore, there is no downside to the special hourly minimums for the split evening sedan transfer. Wait charges are minimized, chauffeurs are fairly compensated for their time and service, and passengers are able to enjoy their evening at their own pace without worrying about enforced deadlines. Global Alliance’s nuanced approach to split evening transfers is just one way that we are working to serve our loyal clients better.

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