Releasing Chauffeurs: Clear Communication Leads to Customer Service Excellence

At Global Alliance, our experienced professional chauffeurs make it their mission and their duty to attend to the every need of their valued passengers. Of course, like all good things, a transfer in a Global Alliance limousine must eventually come to an end. While most transfers end with a clear drop off at the passenger’s destination, sometimes an hourly livery service might involve an as directed element at its conclusion or have an otherwise open-ended drop off location and time. When this is the case, both our chauffeurs and dispatchers are keenly aware that proper confirmation is required before the vehicle is released and its services are suspended.

A chauffeur who believes that he is released before clients intend to release him may inconvenience passengers who still require his services or expect to see him waiting when they depart a given location. Likewise, a chauffeur may remain on the clock on an order well beyond the intended end time if there has not been clear communication concerning further requirements.  Either of these situations extracts a cost in customer service terms, be it by inconveniencing clients by withdrawing their vehicle before they wish it or charging them for a vehicle retained after they wish it.

For this reason, our chauffeurs are trained to ascertain the length of time that their services are required on as directed livery services. Should this not be indicated, chauffeurs will make every effort to discreetly and politely communicate with their passengers concerning their release or retention. In cases in which bookers or other non-passengers hold authorization privileges for chauffeured services, it may be necessary for our dispatch team to contact these persons to confirm whether a particular chauffeur’s services are required or if they are to released.

Above all, clear communication between Global Alliance staff and their clients is key to determining chauffeur release times and to prevent both premature service conclusions and cost overruns. This clarity and transparency of service is what our chauffeurs, dispatchers, and other staff strive for every day in achieving customer service excellence.

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