Preparing for Daylight Savings Time 2015

Please note that Daylight Savings Time begins in applicable time zones this coming Sunday, March 8 at 2 am. Clocks will be moving forward one hour at this time in the Eastern Time Zone, including Global Alliance’s main operations area of Toronto, as well as across most of the rest of North America. We have advised our office staff and chauffeurs to be aware of this lost hour in reference to limousine services for Sunday, especially for any orders taking place in the early morning.

Please also be aware that in most European countries and elsewhere overseas, Daylight Savings Time does not begin until Sunday, March 29 at 1 am. This means that, between March 8 and March 29, the time difference between our Eastern Time Zone and some international locations where Global Alliance may be providing service through our affiliate network will be different than usual. As an illustrative example, in the UK, Greenwich Mean Time is usually five hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone, but between March 8 and March 29 it is four hours ahead. Some countries have not implemglobeented Daylight Savings Time at all, and although their time difference will not change it will be different in relation to the time zones that do.

How might this time change affect our clients and their services with Global Alliance? Not at all, thanks to the diligence of our reservations and dispatch team. Local transfers on Sunday morning will be booked with the time change in mind, as mentioned. For out-of-town services through our affiliate network in other time zones, time difference is automatically adjusted with the change and can also be manually adjusted in applicable orders to accurately reflect temporary relative time differences.

In a time-sensitive service industry, awareness of accurate time differences are vital to confirming that services are delivered on time and so these details are monitored attentively and adjusted accordingly. Additionally, some international flights will be arriving earlier than is customary, but Global Alliance’s flight verification system as well as airline and airport websites should reflect this adjustment.

Any uncertainty about correct time zones and time differences can be cleared up by consulting this site, frequently utilized in our office to confirm international time differences: Please feel free to consult with your Global Alliance reservations or dispatch specialist if you have any other questions or concerns with how we are preparing for the coming Daylight Savings Time change.

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