New Pre-Arranged Limousine Dispatch Location at Pearson Airport Terminal 1

As of Tuesday, May 5th, Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport will see changes in the precise location of ground transportation options on the Arrivals Level. These changes will affect pre-arranged limousine services upon arrival at YYZ such as those offered by Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services. Specifics on these changes are detailed below, but in short: Pre-arranged limousine dispatch in Terminal 1 will now be located inside the terminal at Door A.

Effective May 5th, 2015, the Terminal 1 Arrivals Level inner curb will undergo a re-allocation of commercial vehicle services. Please see the chart and map below as regards the allocation revision.

Commercial Vehicle Services: Current Allocation: Revised Allocation:
Pre-arranged Door B Door A
Taxis Door A & D Door C
Limos Door B & D Door D
Off-airport Parking Door C Door A & Door E


Terminal 1 – Arrivals Level Revised Allocation Map

T1 allocations

Door A is located furthest to the left, directly in front of the domestic arrivals exit from the baggage claim area (click on the map to view a larger magnified version).

In addition to the re-allocation, the services for Pre-arranged Dispatch will be accommodated within the Terminal Building.  A Commissionaire kiosk and seating have been installed inside Door A to better facilitate the dispatching of vehicles and passenger processing.

This means that rather than calling up a Global Alliance limousine from the Commissionaire kiosk outside by the curb at Door B as before, as of May 5th our clients will be able to call their car from Door A at a commissionaire booth located inside the terminal. The new location inside the terminal will make waits in the Commissionaire queue and for the vehicle to arrive at the curb more bearable in all seasons, and its proximity to domestic arrivals will further speed passenger exits from the terminal to their pre-arranged transportation.

Global Alliance email confirmations for services on dates up until May 4th will continue to list the previous meeting procedures for Terminal 1, directing passengers to Door B. Confirmations for services on May 5th and beyond will include the new meeting procedures, directing passengers to Door A. If you have any questions or concerns about these airport changes, please feel free to ask your Global Alliance reservations or dispatch professional.

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