Pick up and Drop off History and Locations Database

When our clients reserve their chauffeured transportation services with Global Alliance, time is of the essence. Our reservations specialists are keenly aware of balancing the requirements of care, accuracy, and attention to detail when crafting your customized limousine service with the need to complete and confirm the order in a timely fashion.

Two reservations tools in our Livery Coach system allow our agents to minimize the amount of time our clients take out of their busy schedules to reserve limousine service. These features are the Pick Up and Drop off History and the Database of Locations. Both of these features are listings of saved locations stored on Global Alliance’s servers, and both serve to streamline the reservations process.

The Pick Up and Drop off History is linked to client and passenger profiles. Once a reservation with Global Alliance has been completed, the locations entered into that order – pick up, drop off, and any stops – are saved into the history of the client and/or passenger profile in question. More frequently used locations such as offices, residences, and airports are placed higher up the scrollable list, allowing our reservation agents to select the appropriate location address quickly and easily while placing your reservation. Should one of these common locations change – if a passenger moves to a new residence or office, for example – please inform our agents and they can remove the location from the history to avoid errors.

In addition to the specific location history for clients or passengers, Livery Coach also features a database of locations which can be added to, subtracted from, or edited at any time. Any time a hotel, restaurant, airport, or other settled location is added to an order, it can also be added to the database. Details such as phone numbers, postal or zip codes, and airport meeting procedures will be saved along with the location. The database can be sorted or searched alphabetically or by category, enabling our agents to find pertinent locations with all possible speed efficiency.

These two useful location-related features of Livery Coach allow for the most accurate and streamlined selection of location addresses for your Global Alliance chauffeured transportation reservation.

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