A Phototour of Global Alliance’s New 20-Passenger Bus

A few weeks ago, Global Alliance welcomed a new addition to its world-class fleet: a 20-passenger minicoach. Although this vehicle was introduced and its features discussed in brief upon the commencement of its initial service availability, we can now go into more depth into its advantages to our clients with a series of high-res images.


The 20-passenger minicoach’s size and structure is evident here, and well as its automatically-opened side-access passenger door.


Here we can see the rear luggage compartment, capable of storing more than a dozen suitcases or other bags.


The luggage compartment includes a hanging rod for garment bags or other items on clothes hangers.

20 Passenger Mini Coach interior

Seating for up to 19 passengers in the rear. Comfortable leather seats with horizontal adjustment option. The imitation wood plank flooring lends a note of style.


The beverage station in the seating area for coffee and tea with a built-in cold drink cooler.



Overhead luggage capacity and fold-down video screens are also key features of the 20-passenger minicoach.





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