Passenger Cell Phone Numbers: A Key Element of Excellent Service

While booking chauffeur transportation service with a Global Alliance reservations specialist, clients will be asked for a cell phone number for the passenger(s) for the service in question. This is an important piece of information that can greatly improve our customer service options on any given reservation.

With a cell phone number for a passenger entered into a specific order, Global Alliance’s service professionals are able to contact the passenger should making contact upon pickup prove difficult or should any other element of the service require confirmation or clarification. This contact via the passenger’s cell can be made directly by chauffeurs or by dispatchers or reservationists in the Global Alliance office.

Chauffeurs or office staff can relate their precise location, as well as key details such as if they are waiting for the passenger on a side street or if they cannot park and wait at all and cell-phone-people-talkingare instead circling the pickup location. Should the passenger be unable to answer at the time of the call, a voicemail message can be left detailing the needed information as well.

A text can also be sent to the passenger’s cell by the chauffeur with their contact details and location. Frequently, if possible, chauffeurs will text passengers on provided cell phone numbers to establish contact prior to pick up time. These pre-trip texts are an inobtrusive way of establishing contact as well as providing passengers with their driver’s cell phone number, should they need to be contacted for any reason prior to or during the course of the service (such as when leaving a given location during an hourly livery service). Contact texts of this kind can also be sent and received by our dispatch team in the office, via the ZipWhip web application.

In addition to these functions, our Chauffeur Direct system is equipped to send text messages to passenger cells with their chauffeur’s name and phone number about 15 minutes prior to the pick up time on all applicable services. This automated service ensures that passengers receive their Global Alliance chauffeur’s contact details whether or not a driver or dispatcher is able to compose a manual text message to pass it along to them. Passenger who wish to reply to Chauffeur Direct text messages of this kind can be assured that their text messages will be seen by our dispatchers monitoring the ZipWhip computer texting program and responded to as required.

In these ways and more, it is evident that obtaining a passenger cell phone number maximizes Global Alliance’s ability to provide excellent customer service to its valued clients. Please have cell phone numbers ready to provide to your Global Alliance reservations specialist before submitting your next request for chauffeured transportation services.

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