Outlining Global Alliance’s Policy on Pets in our Vehicles

Global Alliance is always keenly aware of specific requirements for clients travelling in our vehicles. We have previously discussed special passenger requests as well as seating considerations for those travelling with small children. But another important consideration involves passengers travelling with animal companions.

The first point to emphasize is that, generally speaking, Global Alliance does not allow loose pets to travel in our vehicles. Unsecured pets can be a dangerous distraction to the driver as well as a safety issue for the passengers and the animal itself. They can also cause damage to the interior of the vehicle. For these reasons, we can only accommodate passengers travelling with pets such as cats, dogs, or other common house pets if they are travelling in a secure carrying case or crate. Exceptions can be made for service animals as well as for smaller breeds of dog which can be carried securely in a passenger’s lap.

Please inform your Global Alliance reservations agent upon reserving chauffeured services that you or your passengers will be travelling with pets. This will allow our agents to inform you of the pet policy as well as obtain and record pertinent information in the order so that our dispatchers and drivers are aware of what to expect. Our drivers may have allergies to specific animals, so knowing which pets will be travelling in advance allows our dispatchers to assign trips accordingly.

Please note that an upgrade to a larger vehicle may be required due to a pet travelling crate. Because it is not safe for the pet’s health to be placed in a sealed sedan trunk for any length of time, crates must be secured inside the passenger area of the vehicle and larger ones may not be able to fit in a sedan. An upgrade to a SUV or Van at a higher rate may be necessary to accommodate larger animal crates. Be sure to keep all of this information in mind when booking chauffeured transportation involving pets.

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