Outlining Our Cancellation Policy

The first questions that clients ask when they begin their professional relationship with Global Alliance often concern our cancellation policy. Although we are well aware that our passengers’ plans can change and last-minute adjustments or cancellations do happen, both the logistical concerns of dispatching vehicles to pickup locations and the monetary factor of ensuring that our chauffeurs are adequately compensated for their time means that charges may apply upon cancellation.

One-way and/or airport transfers require notice of only two hours. In these most basic of cases, chauffeurs can often be re-assigned, and the cancellation notice cut-off need not be stringent for these lowest-cost bookings in our rate structure. However, if we receive notice of cancellation less than two hours before scheduled pickup time, full charges would apply. This notice can be provided to our dispatch office via email or by phone, the latter option obviously allowing the cancellation to be confirmed more promptly. All minimum notice calculations are based on local pickup time, so be sure to keep time difference in mind when cancelling bookings in other time zones.

For hourly livery service, specialty vehicles, and out of town trips (both local trips going outside of the GTA and transfers with affiliates in other non-local cities), the cancellation policy differs. In these cases, our policy on cancellation notice covers a 12- to 24-hour range. This means that a full charge applies if cancellation notice is less than 12 hours, while a 50% charge applies for a notice of 12 to 24 hours. Therefore, a full 24-hour notice is required to cancel these particular types of reservations without a fee.

Certain major events can have special cancellation notice policies; bookings directly related to the Toronto International Film Festival, for example, have a 7-day cancellation notice in addition to higher hourly minimum charges. Such special cancellation and hourly minimum policies can often apply in different cities and are set by our local affiliates in those cities. Your reservation agent should be aware of any such minimums, but it’s prudent to check when booking in a location where a special event is taking place.

Please note that if you have any issues locating the vehicle or contacting the vehicle, you must call our dispatch office before leaving the location in alternate transportation. Full charges will apply if the passenger leaves without a call.

If you have any questions about the stated policies or anything else to do with cancellations, please do not hesitate to contact us or to ask your reservation agent upon booking.

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