Order Search Criteria: Many Ways to Access Your Reservation

Once one of our clients and/or passengers has placed a reservation for limousine service with Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, this reservation is saved into the Livery Coach reservations system, allowing any agent or manager at our office to securely access the order and facilitating the dispatching of the order to one of our professional chauffeurs. Once a reservation has been booked, there are several ways for the order details to be accessed.

The most direct and frequently utilized method to access or “open” a reservation in Livery Coach is via the confirmation number. Once a reservation has been saved in Livery Coach, a sequentially-assigned six-digit reservation number will be automatically generated for that order. This number cannot be changed, even if the order itself is changed or cancelled. The confirmation email that clients will receive after booking a reservation with Global Alliance will prominently include this number. It can be cited in all future correspondence between clients/passengers and Global Alliance staff, allowing the order to be accessed quickly and easily for inquiries or changes.

Should the confirmation number not be available to the client or passenger upon contacting Global Alliance in regards to the reservation, other order search criteria are at our agents’ disposal as well. Passenger names (last as well as first) can easily be searched in order to access a trip, as can the name of the person reserving the service and the name of the company employing the client/passenger and/or associated with the car service.

Our agents can also access an order via search criteria such as chauffeur name, general type and specific numbering of vehicles, and even the last digits of a credit card to which the service has been billed. This last criteria can be especially useful for services that have already been completed and billed. A date range feature allows inclusive dates to be adjusted, allowing our agents to search for limousine transfers that have already occured or that are scheduled well into the future.

For services provided by Global Alliance’s trusted out-of-town affiliates, orders can be searched by affiliate names. Orders booked by specific agents in the office can be arranged into a list to ease access. Even phone numbers or pick up locations and addresses can be worked into search criteria. Practically any detail that can be entered into a reservation can be searched for via Livery Coach. This allows Global Alliance’s professional staff to efficiently access any number of confirmed reservations, even if our client or passenger is missing a confirmation number or other key details. This feature is just one more way that Global Alliance utilizes its Livery Coach system to improve our client service every day.

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