Notes Fields: Effectively Communicating Vital Information

Communication is absolutely key in providing professional limousine service. Both internal communication within the Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffered Services office and external communication between the office and our clients, passengers, chauffeurs, and affiliates is very important to ensure accuracy of information and avoid errors and disruptions in the quality of customer service provided. Recording specific information to be communicated to any interested parties concerning any given limo service can be accomplished through the use of multiple notes fields.

The Livery Coach application used for all chauffeured transportation orders by Global Alliance allows special notes, directions, and other details to be recorded in several fields. The most commonly employed field is Trip Notes. Here, information can be saved into orders specifying airport greeting procedures, child seats, luggage requirements, van seating configurations, driving directions, and other special requirements for the order in question. These notes can be seen on client confirmations as well as by the assigned chauffeur.

notepadApplicable information can also be recorded in the Stop Description and even the Address fields. This information also shows up on client confirmations and chauffeur sheets, and is frequently related to specific times to be at or to wait at specific locations or alternate spots to rendezvous with the chauffeur at high-traffic or difficult-to-stop areas. There is also a field for Directions which can be viewed by chauffeurs but is not visible on client confirmations.

For internal office communications regarding specific orders, there are notes fields that can only be seen by the office staff. These notes fields allow information to be conveyed to dispatchers concerning special requirements or other details to be passed along to chauffeurs, as well as to note changes, adjustments, rate quotations, and any other pertinent information to reservations for other agents to consult when needed.

By utilizing these various notes fields in Global Alliance reservations, our office team communicates pertinent and vital information concerning our clients’ chauffeured transportation services. This helps to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency and improve the overall customer service experience. Maintaining this high level of accuracy and client satisfaction is the most important detail for our professional and dedicated office staff, and drives them every day to make our clients’ experience with Global Alliance the best it can possibly be.

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