Notes on Changes, Late and Otherwise

In our many years of experience with limousine service, the professionals at Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services are well aware that our clients’ plans can change, often at the last minute. To be prepared for such eventualities, we have a clear and transparent set of policies and practices for changes, late or otherwise.

Changes on transfers within Toronto to order details such as the time, location, vehicle type, or passenger count for which our office receives more than two hours’ notice are commonly quite manageable to accommodate. We would recommend calling in to our office for changes on the day of the service in particular, and either calls or emails will do the job with more than a day’s notice. For changes on trips outside of Toronto as well as for specialty vehicles such as Minicoaches, Vanterras, or Stretch limousines, additional notice may be required to effect the necessary changes, depending on the location of the pick up and/or availability of the vehicles.

Changes made within two hours of the original pick up time can be different, however. Requests to move a pick up to an earlier time or to different location can often be arranged within that time frame, although depending on the new time or location the chauffeur and vehicle may only be able to arrive at a time later than the new one requested, and perhaps only at the originally reserved time. The same concerns apply for vehicle type changes; the newly requested vehicle type may be freely available, but generally speaking such adjustments can require additional time for a chauffeur to switch into the required vehicle, often back at Global Alliance’s office and garage facility.

Changing a pick up time to earlier, as well as vehicle and location adjustments, are therefore subject to mainly logistical issues. Moving a pick up time to later within the two-hour window prior to the trip, however, is subject to a clear but flexible policy of late change charges.

There is no specific penalty fee applied to late changes. Depending on how much later the new requested time is compared to the originally reserved time, Global Alliance’s dispatch professionals may decide, in open consultation with the client, to either charge wait time between the original and new pick up times or to late cancel the existing trip (at a charge based on the hourly or point-to-point minimum for the order in question) and book a new transfer at a later time.

As always, Global Alliance aims to balance the requisite compensation owed to our professional chauffeurs for their time and our clients’ concerns about cost and fairness. Therefore the most cost-effective option, be it wait time or a late cancel and rebooking, will be selected in reference to any late changes. In considering our clients’ needs, our chauffeurs’ expectations, and the logistical elements at hand, Global Alliance endeavours to approach last-minute changes in an open and reasonable manner that maximizes all parties’ satisfaction.

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