New Addition to Global Alliance’s Fleet: 38-Passenger Bus

Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is pleased to announce a new addition to our fleet of vehicles. Our new 38-Passenger Bus is ready for service and can be reserved today.

Similar to our 32-passenger-capacity buses, the new bus can accommodate up to 38 passengers in comfortable, forward-facing rows of leather seats, with rear luggage space as well as overhead storage and additional room for luggage in the bus underbelly. Pricing will be higher than the 32-passenger bus option. Please ask your Global Alliance reservations specialist for more information.

Please note that although the 38-passenger bus will be a new permanent fixtures in our world-class vehicle fleet, the specific model currently in service is temporary. A new model is expected to be delivered and ready for service around the end of September. This bus will have additional leg room and a moveable luggage wall at the rear. It will seat up to 36 passengers with this wall set up, and up to 40 passengers without the additional luggage space. The current 38-passenger bus is available for chauffeured service in the meantime.

Feel free to contact Global Alliance with any questions about the new 38-Passenger Bus or to reserve it for any service you may require.

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