A Few Instructive Words on Currency Exchange

As our name implies, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services offers our clients the option of reserving limousine services around the world, in dozens of countries and hundreds of major cities. It is important for our clients to understand, however, that bookings outside of Canada can vary in pricing due to exchange rates at the time of billing. A few words concerning issues around currency exchange may be instructive in this regard.

When reserving service in other countries, Global Alliance’s reservations specialists follow a specifically calibrated mathematical formula to calculate an estimated cost to provide to our clients. This allows our agents to convert price estimates provided by our international affiliates to Canadian dollars, the currency in which we bill our clients. Service in certain territories can be more expensive than roughly equivalent service in others, based on local globetaxes and fees as well as relative market differences and currency exchange discrepancies. Our reservationists work with our affiliate manager and accounting department to keep abreast of current exchange rates, fluctuations, and adjustments in billing.

It is also worth noting that prices quoted at the time of booking may vary from final billed costs. This is because the price is subject to currency exchange at the time of invoicing, which may vary (sometimes drastically) from the currency exchange at the time of booking. In addition, due to the current value of the Canadian Dollar relative to the increased value of other currencies such as the British Pound, the Euro, and the US dollar, it is important to be aware that the pricing for certain services in these centres will be more expensive than previous services due to the latest currency exchange rates.

Although our reservations team always strives to provide our clients with price estimates that are as accurate as possible, they are ultimately estimates and are therefore subject to a variety of cost factors that can raise (or lower) the expected rates for any given limousine transfer. Tolls or parking fees and additional travel or wait time are the most common of these, but shifts in currency exchange rates can also lead to price adjustments between the time of quoting and the time of billing. Keeping this in mind will greatly aid our reservations and accounting departments in their mission to provide the most accurate and fair rates to our clients for their chauffeured transportation requirements across the globe.

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