Important Considerations Concerning Toll Roads

As frequent travelers on the roads across the continent are surely aware, provinces, states, and municipalities in Canada and the United States often designate certain highways or bridges as toll roads to offset costs of construction and maintenance. Drivers using these roadways must pay a toll fee, which is sometimes a flat rate and is sometimes based on duration of travel on the toll road. Limousines are subject to these tolls the same as any other vehicles on the road, and clients may be billed for their use in the completion of a chauffeured transportation service.

In the Greater Toronto Area, the toll highway of note is Ontario Highway 407, a provincial highway running from Highway 7 and Brock Road north of Pickering in the east to the junction of the Queen Elizabeth Way and Highway 403 in Burlington to the west. Stretching 407logoover 107 kilometres (66 miles), the 407 is a toll alternative to the busy Highway 401 which passes through Toronto’s northern suburbs.

Covering the full length of the 407 would run up a maximum toll of about $35, depending on the time of day. Practically speaking, most limousine transfers performed by Global Alliance chauffeurs that utilize the 407 do not run up a toll of much more than $10. This cost is only passed along to our clients if 407 use is authorized by the client or requested by an authorized passenger. Our experienced chauffeurs and dispatchers are knowledgeable about routes through the GTA and will recognize when 407 use may be advantageous, obtaining the necessary clearance from bookers or passengers to use it beforehand. Should a chauffeur require 407 usage to reach a pickup location on time, the applicable toll will not be charged to the client.

While 407 usage is a matter of client choice, in many cities in the United States in which Global Alliance offers service, there may be no other route option but to take a toll highway or bridge. It is important to keep this in mind when considering price estimates out of town, although reservationists will make every effort to include anticipated toll charges on frequent transfer routes involving tolls to provide clients with a more accurate cost estimate.

Being aware of toll highways such as the 407 as well as the probability of toll road usage during service in the United States will enable Global Alliance clients to understand and anticipate additional charges for limousine service, as well as to increase speed and efficiency of travel for a nominal fee.

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