Greater Toronto Area Locations: Markham

Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services operates in the Greater Toronto Area of Southern Ontario, Canada. Although Global Alliance provides services around the world through our network of affiliates, the core of our services are performed in Toronto and its surrounding region. In this continuing feature, we will detail notable locations and communities in the Greater Toronto Area (or GTA) where we often provide limousine service. Today we travel to Toronto’s northeast to the suburb of Markham.

With a population over 300,000, Markham is the fourth-largest municipality in the GTA. First settled by German immigrants near the end of the 18th Century, Markham was an agrarian community for many years until an explosion of growth during the GTA’s urban sprawl in the 1970s let to its incorporation as a town and, in 2012, as a city.

Stretching from Steeles Avenue in the south and just past 19th Avenue to the north, Markham’s west border is Highway 404 (whose construction was a major factor in its growth) to Highway 30 to the east. Like much of the GTA, Markham is a multi-ethnic community, with notably strong East Asian (predominantly Chinese) and South Asian communities accounting for half of the municipality’s population. Three of Markham’s largest shopping centres – King Square, Langham Square, and Pacific Mall – are distinct Asian-style malls offering many Chinese products and food items. Markham has also hosted the popular Taste of Asia Festival since 2003.

Markham is home to many major multinational corporations who locate regional, national, and international offices there, including IBM, the city’s largest employer. Markham Civic Centre, completed in 1990, is the city’s distinctive city hall, which sits in the midst of a park next to a reflecting pond near the junction of Highway 7 and Warden Avenue. Other attractions include the heritage downtowns of the villages of Markham and Unionville, with the latter’s heritage Main Street being a particular tourist draw that has appeared in various works of film and television.

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