Uses of GPS: Maintaining Accuracy of Service, in Vehicles and in the Office

The development of global positioning systems (or GPS) for personal vehicular use over the past decade or two has revolutionized automobile navigation. Drivers need no longer rely solely on their knowledge of the roads or on awkward paper maps to known where they’re going. Satellites track the exact position of their vehicle, while the GPS device plots ideal courses to their desired destination and provides visual and verbal directions and prompts to the driver to aid in navigation. As with any technological innovation that changes the way people drive their cars, GPS advances have changed and enhanced the way that limousine companies operate as well.

At Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, GPS is one of the key tools used by our professional chauffeurs as well as by our dispatch team each and every day. Every one of the vehicles in our fleet is equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS system.

This allows every function and movement of the vehicle to be tracked and logged by our office team. Our dispatchers can quickly and efficiently locate any vehicle in the fleet through gpssatelliteGPS tracking software, as well as determine its speed and direction of travel. Historical movements can also be accessed and reports summarizing those movements generated, allowing our team to demonstrate to clients the location of any specific vehicle at any specific time, if such a demonstration is required for any reason.

The GPS includes odometer readings as well, so that oil changes and scheduled service on the basis of mileage can be made at the correct times to ensure that our fleet remains in good, safe working order.

Chauffeurs themselves utilize in-vehicle GPS systems to plan their routes and to locate pertinent addresses as well. These units are placed in an unobtrusive position on the windshield or dash, with routes pre-programmed prior to pickup that can then be followed as well as subtly adjusted along the way if necessary to ensure the most time-efficient transfer for passengers. The use of GPS supplements the extensive knowledge of the roads of Toronto and its surrounding region possessed by our trained and experienced professional chauffeurs.

By employing the latest in global positioning technology both in vehicle and in the office, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services leaves nothing to chance when confirming the accurate location of vehicles and pickup/drop off points for limousine transfers. Maintaining this high level of accuracy also maintains a high level service for our clients, which is what the Global Alliance team strives to accomplish every day.


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