Concerning Global Alliance’s Credit Card Pre-Authorization Process

Many of the chauffeured transportation services provided by Global Alliance to its clients, especially those reserved by private individuals and smaller accounts, are billed to credit cards. Our reservations specialists are trained to obtain accurate credit card details from customers upon booking limousine transfers, confirming the full card number, expiry date, cardholder name, and billing address. The accuracy of this information not only expedites final billing following the completion of the service, but also allows for pre-authorization of the specified credit card prior to the pickup.

Pre-authorization ensures that the selected credit card is equipped with sufficient funds to complete payment for the forthcoming transportation service. If the card details are correct and an estimated cost is entered into an order, our Livery Coach reservations software will automatically pre-authorize a selected credit card for the entered amount approximately 48 prior to the date and time of the service. Orders taken within 48 hours of expected pickup time are pre-authorized manually by our agents at the time of booking.

credit-card-pileOnce a card is pre-authorized for the estimated charges, it is noted in the Livery Coach program in a manner easily visible to our reservationists and dispatchers. Should the card be declined, our reservations team will contact the provider of the card in question to confirm that we have the correct details for the card to be charged or to obtain a different card.

There can be many reasons for a declined credit card, and it is important to note that our reservations and dispatch team are only informed by Livery Coach that a card has been declined for pre-authorization via Livery Coach, not why exactly it has been declined. The experience and attention to detail of our professional agents can be helpful in ascertaining the nature of the problem with the card, however.

Credit card numbers are now verified automatically by Livery Coach as our agents enter them, but expiry dates or billing addresses could be incorrect and therefore causing the card to decline. Credit cards may have been compromised, may have reached their limits, and could be blocked by the card company if Global Alliance is an unfamiliar vendor on that specific card. For new clients reserving our services for the first time, it may minimize billing-related hassles to contact the provider of the credit card and inform them that Global Alliance is an authorized vendor who will be charging the card in question for future services.

Global Alliance requires pre-authorization to provide service on orders billed to a credit card as company policy, but we are also flexible in working with clients to ensure that credit card information is accurate and the card in question can be properly billed after the completion of the service. In this way, the billing process is greatly streamlined for both our clients and our accounting department. Our clients’ privacy is paramount to us, and therefore all credit card information provided is kept protected, secured, and entirely confidential.

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