Global Alliance’s Confirmation and Quality Control Process

At Global Alliance, we are keenly aware of the need for extensive quality control measures to ensure that your chauffeured transportation reservation goes as smoothly as possible. This is why we have structured multiple layers of confirmation and quality checks, to ensure that every effort is made to provide swift and accurate service to our clients.

Whether orders are entered with our reservations agents on the phone or via email, our agents pay close attention to any and all pertinent details. They are trained to confirm any and all details that might seem unclear, especially details like AM or PM on pickup times, or flight numbers or addresses that our sophisticated flight-checking and map systems are unable to verify. Our agents also make every effort to read back the details to the client before the end of the reservation call, so that any detail that may be incorrect or missed can be remedied at that time. All phone calls to Global Alliance are also recorded for quality assurance, and agents, dispatchers, and managers can consult these voice logs at any time to confirm reservation details.

In the case of email orders, any point on which there is cause for uncertainty will be followed up on with the requester. Additionally, all new orders or changes taken via email are double-checked by our experienced night-time dispatchers the night after they have been taken. The night dispatchers also perform quality control checks on all reservations paperwork for any orders coming up the next day as a further layer of confirmation. A similar check is also done daily in the reservations department. Daytime dispatchers who assign chauffeurs to upcoming trips also cast a critical eye over the orders as they assign them, looking for any potential issues that may have slipped through the earlier lines of defence.

For out-of-town trips farmed to affiliates, an additional confirmation layer is added to ensure accuracy and quality of service. Most affiliates provide email confirmations similar to those we send out to our clients, which list all of the pertinent details of the reservation. This allows our agents to check over the orders to ensure that all details are correct, much as clients might check their confirmation to ensure they reflect their requirements. Additionally, our agents put in a call to affiliate offices the day before out-of-town reservations occur to carefully verbally confirm all details to ensure their accuracy.

Of course, as our clients also receive confirmations by emails, they are encouraged to double-check the details for accuracy as well and inform our office of discrepancies. With these practices, Global Alliance strives to achieve the utmost accuracy in the chauffeured transportation service we offer to our valued clients.

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