Global Alliance Can Get You There: Group Evening Events, In and Out of Town

In the previous post, some of the advantages of employing Global Alliance’s chauffeured services for smaller and more intimate nightime social engagements were detailed. But similar requirements for larger groups both in Toronto and further afield are also well within Global Alliance’s service capabilities.

Global Alliance’s fleet offers numerous options for large groups attending events. Larger vehicles such as Stretch Limos, Stretched SUVs, Vanterras, Minicoaches, or the Limobus are purpose-made for this type of transportation. The social atmosphere can commence before the event and continue after it in our vehicles, with face-to-face seating, adjustable track lighting, and stereo sound equipped in many of these vehicle types. They can even be stocked with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages if our clients so wish, so feel free to make this request beforehand if desired.

As these vehicle types come with two, three or four-hour minimum charges, our reservations agents will be glad to work with you at the time of booking to construct your chauffeured transportation order accordingly to minimize costs, be it by splitting off a second return service order or by keeping the chauffeur waiting onsite until needed. Although wait charges can apply with the latter option, it does allow passengers to leave items behind in the vehicle if they so wish. Whether waiting or returning for a separate transfer later on, we can guarantee the same chauffeur will be assigned to you for the evening to ensure continuity of service and the ease of familiarity, particularly for the return leg.

As will be detailed further in a subsequent posting concerning the services we offer for corporate events and conferences, coordinators can also be arranged to be onsite for evening events to aid in directing passengers from larger groups to their vehicle. An hourly fee would apply for such coordination, similar to services offered for airport arrivals, would apply. But for large groups and multiple-vehicle requirements at central locations where parking space near to exits can be at a premium, having an experienced coordinator onsite can greatly reduce confusion and improve the efficiency and smoothness of the process of getting passengers into their vehicles.

Global Alliance’s available services for large social events do not cease at Toronto’s city limits, however. Whether transferring a group to a function in cottage country, a get-together in Niagara Falls, or even sporting events south of the border, Global Alliance can accommodate your chauffeured transportation needs. Our chauffeurs have taken groups of passengers to weddings in Niagara wine country, VIP guests to casinos or resorts to the north of the city, and sports fans to NHL or NFL games in Buffalo, New York or Detroit, Michigan. They would be happy to bring your group wherever it needs to go.

Global Alliance can likewise offer custom-tailored transportation solutions for your corporate event or conference. The third article on this subject is to follow, and will contain more key information about our felxible and professional group services.

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