Global Alliance Can Get You There: Corporate Group Services

Having previously discussed how Global Alliance can help to make your evening-time group outing painless and enjoyable with our chauffeured transportation expertise, it makes sense to pivot into a discussion how our years of experience in providing superior limousine service can streamline the operations of your corporate event or conference in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding region.

The process begins with our Corporate Group Sales Department, the first point of contact for clients planning a major corporate event requiring the kind of nuanced and professional transportation services that Global Alliance has to offer. Working closely with the requesting client as well as liasing with Reservations and Dispatch, our Group transportation experts will examine and analyze the corporate event’s special requirements and craft a custom-arranged set of limousine orders tailored to the specific needs of the group at hand in discussion with the event organizers. Our Groups agents are experienced at working from travel manifests for arrivals and departures, matching conference guests or VIP events attendees with the ideal transportation for their needs, be it shared vehicles or private sedan transfers. Transportation manifests can equally be generated and emailed to requesting clients and event organizers, while individual attendees can be forwarded confirmations with pertinent information specific to their own transportation order.

As with social events, Global Alliance’s full fleet is available to you and your corporate guests. Buses can be arranged for groups larger than fifteen people, while sedans, SUVs, and Vanterras can transfer smaller groupings of passengers or individual attendees. Premium vehicles like our BMW or Mercedes S-Series sedans can be reserved for special VIP guests or conference speakers. Multiple passengers arriving on the same flight or flights arriving in close proximity can be placed together in a single vehicle to reduce costs, or individual arrangements can be made for guests expecting comfort and luxury upon their arrival in Toronto for the event. Special requirements, such as onsite contact information, specific signage to be displayed, or particular in-vehicle requested items, can be detailed and inserted in reservation notes so that chauffeurs, reservationists, dispatchers, and passengers themselves have the requisite information to ensure that every order for even a large-scale event goes as smoothly as possible.

In addition to providing the chauffeured transportation, Global Alliance can also take the hassle out large corporate events and conferences by providing onsite coordinators to ensure that all of your guests arrive to their destinations safely, securely, and worry-free. Whether greeting arriving passengers at either of Toronto’s airports (separate coordinators for Terminals 1 and 3 of Pearson International Airport can be a good idea for groups arriving into both terminals, by the way) or directing guests to vehicles onsite at the event venue, our experienced and helpful coordinators will help your event run as smoothly as possible from the transportation angle.

Even after the event has concluded, Global Alliance’s job is not done. Expect friendly, open and constructive follow-up from our Corporate Group Sales management team, allowing clients to provide feedback on our services and making certain that any problems or inefficiences are addressed and eliminated for future events for the same client, as well as for such events in general. Repeat clients will testify to the advantages provided by Global Alliance’s attentive and keen approach to corporate events and conferences, and we are eager to convert first-time clients into repeat clients. Please consider contacting Global Alliance Worlwide Chauffeured Services for your next large-scale corporate event, even if it is for the first time.

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