Free Vehicle Upgrades: A Mutual Advantage

When clients reserve limousine service with Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, they expect to receive the precise level and type of service that they have requested and paid for. The team at Global Alliance works hard every day to live up to these expectations, but also makes every effort to exceed them. One way that we strive to achieve this is through free vehicle upgrades on occasions that can be mutually advantageous to both our valued passengers and our experienced dispatchers.

As a basic rule, when a client reserves limousine service with Global Alliance, the vehicle that picks them up will be of the type that they have ordered. This predictability and reliability sets Global Alliance apart from the rest of the field, allowing the company to ensure that the anticipated level of service is met and even exceeded.

However, due to vehicle availability and logistical scheduling concerns, it may sometimes make sense to assign a chauffeur in one of our Chevrolet Suburban or Cadillac Escalade SUVs to a reservation made for a simple Lincoln MKS sedan. Such an assignment may fill a scheduling gap for our dispatchers and our chauffeurs, but is never made without serious and responsible consideration as to the interests of clients.

Firstly, it should be emphasized that any such upgrade made as a dispatch assignment is free of charge and shall not be executed by our office without prior consent of the passengers, the booking client, organization, or event coordinator. The step up in comfort, size, and capacity from a sedan to a SUV at no additional charge customarily persuades clients to accept any such upgrades when offered. But should the physical step up into a SUV prove difficult or if passengers have any other objection to the proposed upgrade, Global Alliance will ensure that a sedan is sent as originally reserved.

Similar free upgrades are common in the sedan class, where our specialty BMW or Mercedes sedans may perform standard sedan duties along with specific bookings in their own types. Free upgrades may also be proposed in the case of stretch limousines, vans, Vanterras, and larger bus vehicles, although as with smaller fleet selections these upgrades would only be made in consultations with clients. The willingness to be flexible in terms of vehicle types allows our dispatch and our reservations professionals to come up with creative solutions to our clients’ needs, especially during perods of limited availability.

If you have any questions or concerns about free vehicle upgrades, feel free to speak to Global Alliance’s reservations or dispatch professionals.

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