Flight Verification and Tracking – Delays, Cancellations, and Early Arrivals

Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services can take you everywhere you need to go in Toronto or around the world. Airports are among the most common locations for limousine transfers in any city, and airport service generally forms the backbone of the limousine business. For this reason, Global Alliance has a thorough and conscientious set of policies for dealing with flight arrivals and departures at Toronto’s airports and other such air portals globally.

Whether we’re picking you up from the airport or dropping you off for a departure, flight verification is a key part of Global Alliance’s professional process of ensuring the best and most convenient approach to the often-stressful but necessary experience of airline travel. Through Livery Coach’s sophisticated, real-time flight verification system, our reservations agents can confirm the departure and arrival times for thousands of flights on dozens of airlines at hundreds of airports worldwide. Livery Coach also allows our agents to locate and confirm flights for which our clients may be missing certain key pieces of information, such as the flight number: flight searches can be performed with only airports of departure and arrival, if need be, with the best match being selected with our booking client’s approval.

airportOnce an arriving flight is verified, the scheduled arrival time becomes the pickup time for your limousine reservation with Global Alliance. A 45-minute grace period for arrivals at Pearson International Airport in Toronto is allowed for passengers to clear through customs and/or baggage and locate their chauffeur, either through a hired greeter or by calling up the car from the commissionaire’s stand located curbside outside of either of YYZ’s terminals. For departing flights, our professional agents are experienced at calculating and recommending pickup times allowing our passengers to arrive at the airport in safe time to make their scheduled flight departure time (or with more or less time to spare, if requested).

Once a reservation is made and the day of service is at hand, our experienced dispatchers track the day’s arriving flights not only in Toronto but also in other cities where Global Alliance is providing service that particular day. Should flights be arriving early or later than their scheduled gate time, Global Alliance’s constant monitoring of these updating arrival times allows chauffeurs (and greeters, should they be required) to be properly scheduled by dispatch to be onsite at the airport in time for the reserved service. Should single-vehicle service be booked for multiple arriving flights, delays or early arrivals may require separate service to be reserved to accommodate certain passengers, which thorough flight tracking procedures allow our agents to provide in consultation with clients.

In the event that an arriving flight is cancelled, our agents will be aware of it and will contact the passengers and/or booking clients to confirm if new flight information is available or if the reserved service needs to be adjusted to a later (or earlier) time or even cancelled. Should an arriving flight be cancelled by the operating airline and our client wishes to cancel the reserved chauffeured transportation service for that arrival, Global Alliance will gladly cancel the order in question without any fee or penalty being applied.

Please note that while it is Global Alliance’s policy to track all arriving commercial flights, our office does not track departing flights. While arriving flight information is vital to reserve limousine service, departing flight information is often not provided by our clients and is not strictly required. We ask that our clients monitor their scheduled departures and keep our office or their chauffeur posted should delays or cancellations occur.

Future articles in this space will further detail Global Alliance’s flight-related procedures, particularly in relation to arrivals from multiple flights and for pickups from private flights.

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