Explaining Trip Occasions: Special Occasions

Upon reserving chauffeured limousine services with Global Alliance and receiving an email with confirmation of the booking attached, you may notice a field in the Pick Up & Drop Off Information section of the confirmation that is labelled Occasion. Though this may seem to be a minor detail to the client’s eye, the Occasion for each booking is a vital piece of information for reservations specialist to select correctly and to help dispatchers streamline the assignment of chauffeur to specific services.

Clients booking services online on our website are also prompted to enter an Occasion, so some knowledge of the different types of services indicated under Occasion is also important for them to be aware of. This one detail indicates succinctly and precisely the type of service ordered. Previous posts detailed occasions related to airport service, hourly service and roadshows, and point-to-point transfers. Today, we close this series with information about special occasions.

Wedding – Wedding services are an important segment of limousine services across the industry. Global Alliance provides service for clients’ big day through our Exclusive Limousine subsidiary, which offers multiple packages to accommodate your wedding needs. Stretched limousines, Stretched SUVs, Vanterras, and buses are frequently utilized for Wedding bookings, although standards sedans and SUVs are also booked for this most special of occasions.

Funeral – Black sedans and stretches are often required for this most solemn of occasions. Global Alliance chauffeurs will perform the necessary transportation services with respect, care and dignity.

Protocol – Global Alliance frequently provides ground transportation for visiting dignitaries and international delegations. Our chauffeurs are experienced, flexible, and discreet in providing such services, and well versed in security and confidentiality concerns for foreign VIPs. Protocol is the common term for such services, and therefore is also the occasion title.

Meet and Greet – Global Alliance can arrange Meet and Greet services in the Main Arrivals Hall at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, as well as Curbside Meet and Greets upon departures. Although these services are customarily added to Arrival or Departure orders, a separate order may also be entered for the Meet and Greet service only. This occasion would be utilized for such orders.

Onsite Coordinator – For larger groups, having a professional to coordinate passengers and chauffeurs onsite may be an advantageous service. Global Alliance can provide such a coordinator on an hourly basis, be the transfer site a hotel, office, or other venue, or an airport. This occasion will be used for coordinator orders of this type.

Picture Vehicle – Global Alliance’s vehicles are on occasion rented out to film and television productions for use on film, in which case they are designated as a Picture Vehicle.

Farm Out – All services sent to trusted affiliates in other cities are set to this occasion. The exception is for hourly roadshow services, for which the Roadshow OOT occasion is used.

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