New Executive Van Added To Global Alliance Fleet

Global Alliance is proud to announce a new addition to its Fleet: a new Executive Van vehicle. This high-roofed Ford van is similar in appearance and capacity to the Mercedes Sprinter Vans seen in the fleets of many transportation providers in the United States and overseas, and will fulfill an important role in our fleet and in meeting our clients’ continuing chauffeured transportation needs.Seating and luggage capacity in this sleek and spacious Executive Van is worth noting and clarifying. Total seating and seatbelt capacity is for 15 people (including the driver), so 14 passengers is the maximum that could be accommodated in this Executive Van at one time. However, due to the location of wheel wells at the base of the rear row of seats as well as the narrower width of the seats in this row, the recommended passenger capacity for this vehicle would be more accurately set at 12 people, not including the chauffeur.

Luggage space, meanwhile, would be sufficient for the standard luggage requirements of approximately 10 passengers. In terms of size for both passengers and luggage, therefore, this new Executive Van is similar to both our Vans and Vanterras and is expected to complement client requirements in this capacity class. Likewise, pricing for the Executive Van will fall in the same range as Vans and Vanterras as well.

The Executive Van will most likely find regular use for higher-occupancy corporate roadshows as well as for transporting groups of modest size with commensurate amounts of luggage.

Expect photos of the new Executive Van and further specifications to follow in the Fleet section of our website and/or this blog space. Please feel free to ask your Global Alliance reservations specialist for more information on and rates for this vehicle, should it align with your transportation requirements in the future.

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