Ensuring Accuracy and Efficiency of Service for Corporate Roadshows

Corporate roadshows are a common component of the business world’s daily operations, and so they are equally a vital part of Global Alliance’s regular service. VIP corporate executives often have only a day in a financial centre like Toronto to meet with a series of clients and vendors, and their time, attention, and efforts need to be maximized. Accuracy, dependability, and discretion are absolutely vital to our clients in executing a successful roadshow, with millions of dollars often depending on every meeting and deal.

With years of experience in roadshow organization and management, our Global Alliance team strives to ensure that the transportation side of your time-sensitive meeting schedule runs smoothly and efficiently.

On the reservations side, only experienced and trained agents will handle your roadshow itinerary, checking every detail, verifying addresses, suggesting travel times between those addresses, and confirming meeting spots at every location. These agents can also arrange itineraries in cities across Canada, the United States, and in all major world financial markets. We can also offer a dedicated 24/7 roadshow phone line which you can reach our office on anytime, day or night, for changes, confirmations or concerns.

Once the itinerary has been inputted, our dispatch team will assign a senior chauffeur trained in the extensive and particular procedures for roadshow liveries to ensure that your VIP clients receive the ultimate level of service. This seasoned driver’s name and phone number can be provided farther in advance of the commencement of the service than is usual for standard transfers, up to a day or more before if required. All chauffeurs are reachable instantly by our office via the Push-To-Talk (PTT) system on their company-issued and maintained smartphones, and can also utilize this device to stay in contact with the passengers, their home offices, and the offices being visited. Our dispatchers are in constant contact with the chauffeurs about any changes to the itinerary, and also verify and monitor any inbound or outbound flights connected to the service.

At all levels of our operations, Global Alliance strives to streamline the transportation for your corporate roadshow requirements. Maximizing efficiency is a vitally important feature to achieving corporate success. Please let us show you how we can maximize the efficiency of your busy meeting schedules in Toronto and in financial centres across the globe.

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