Enhancing Customer Service with Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services has always strove to stay on the leading edge of the technological options available for use in the limousine industry. We believe that new technology enhances our collective ability to offer superior customer service to our valued clients. One key example of the integration of technology into our daily practices involves our professional chauffeurs’ company-issue Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

The Tablets have multiple uses, all of which enhance and streamline our chauffeurs’ delivery of excellent service to their passengers. The Tablets are a further line of communication between the chauffeurs and our dispatch office, supplementing and in many ways surpassing their Samsung phones equipped with the Push To Talk system. Many useful apps are available for download and use by our chauffeurs, providing them with valuable resources allowing them to stay on top of traffic developments and flight delays, maintain their vehicle’s appearance and mechanical operation, map the most efficient transfer routes, and research potential stops for dining or shopping for their passengers.

Another notable practical use for the Tablets is as a sharp, professional, eye-catching alternative to traditional paper or laminated signage. While greeting passengers at either of Toronto’s airports or at any other location where they are able to step out of the car to make the rendezvous easier, the chauffeurs can hold their tablet as brightly illuminated and highly visible signs, allowing passengers to spot and identify their pre-arranged transportation much more easily.

Tablet signs can also be placed in the dash in cases in which chauffeurs are unable to leave the vehicle, or to identify group names for bus transfers. Chauffeurs are able to receive special signage sent to their Tablets via email from our office or make their own signs via apps on the device. This allows for last-minute corrections or additions without reducing the visual quality of the signage and thus maintaining Global Alliance’s exacting high level of service.

By integrating Samsung Galaxy Tablets into our chauffeurs’ technological toolkit, Global Alliance aims to increase its level of service and greatly enhance our clients’ service experience while in our vehicles.

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