Elements of Your Chauffeured Service Reservation: Passenger Information

There are six major elements to every limousine service reservation with Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services. While there are many details that go into every order for car service, these basic elements are fundamental to the services provided by Global Alliance and organize the reservations process. We’ll be looking at these elements more closely in a series of posts, considering how each one relates to the larger service and how our reservations and dispatch team draws on experience to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your reservation. In the second installment in this series, we’ll look at passenger information.

Accurately obtaining and recording the name, contact information, and other pertinent details of the passengers in Global Alliance’s vehicles is a vital part of any successful professional chauffeured service.

Global Alliance’s Livery Coach reservations software allows passenger names to be inputted manually, either one passenger name at a time or multiple names in list form for transfers with numerous passengers. Prefixes (such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Prof. or even Hon.) and suffixes (Jr., III, IV, etc.) can also be added to show proper and accurate consideration. The total number of passengers in the vehicle can also be indicated, as well as required signage on vehicle dashboards or for airport greets.

Mobile phone numbers and email addresses can also be added for each specific passenger as well. This allows chauffeurs or office staff to contact passengers directly via phone, text, or email if need be. The Chauffeur Direct system can also be activated for passengers, which allows chauffeur information (name, phone number, and photo), 24-hour reminders, and order statuses to be sent to passengers automatically prior to service or as the vehicle is in motion.

Passengers can also be set up with profiles in Livery Coach similar to clients’ booking profiles. These profiles include phone numbers, email addresses, home and office addresses, and payment information and credit cards, as well as special requests and chauffeur assignment preferences. These profiles can be linked to client and passenger companies, which means they will be immediately visible to Global Alliance agents during the reservations process. These profiles can then be selected, easily and efficiently adding all of the relevant information about the passenger to their reservation.

Giving passenger information their full and keen attention is one of the ways that Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services’ expert team of reservations and dispatch agents ensure accuracy and a personal touch in professional chauffeured limousine services.

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