Display Signage: Streamlining Customer Convenience at Meeting Points

Whether at a busy airport or in hectic downtown traffic, a common issue for passengers using chauffeured transportation can be locating their assigned vehicle and driver. One practice utilized by Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services to aid passengers in identifying their assigned vehicle, chauffeur, airport greeter, or onsite coordinator is the use of specified signage.

One sight that will be very familiar to frequent limousine service clients as well as to travelers in general is a limousine chauffeur, well-dressed in a clean suit and standing attentively in an airport terminal holding a sign with the name of their passenger printed upon it. This standard industry practice is generally followed by Global Alliance as well, although airport regulations at Toronto Pearson International Airport precludes our chauffeurs from waiting inside the terminal for passengers with a sign.

Chauffeurs wait in the pre-arranged compound to be called up from the commissionaire’s booth at the curb. Separate greeters can meet passengers outside of baggage in the Main Arrivals Hall of YYZ and lead them to the pre-arranged booth, however, and these greeters will invariably be holding a sign to help passengers in locating them. At the Toronto City Centre Airport, chauffeurs do meet passengers with a sign, although also outside of baggage in the island terminal. In airports in other cities, chauffeurs or greeters will be able to meet with signage, though the exact location and procedure varies depending on the airport (your Global Alliance reservations specialist will advise of procedures when booking). Signage can also be displayed on the vehicle dash for pickups at locations other than the airport, or held by chauffeurs or onsite coordinators standing at pickup locations, where possible.

Global Alliance employs a standard logo sign with space for a passenger name, which is the default text for signage unless otherwise specified. Should a booker or passenger wish to have an alias, company, group or production name, or any other alternate text, please let us know and that signage can be created for the pickup. Likewise, clients who have special signage can forward it to our team to be attached to relevant orders and provided to assigned chauffeurs, greeters, or coordinators. Chauffeurs and some greeters have company-issued tablets which can clearly display meeting signs with backlighting, although laminated or paper signs may also be employed.

Whatever form it takes or wherever it is being used, signage is a key tool in streamlining passengers’ rendezvous with chauffeurs and ensuring that their experience with Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services is marked by the utmost convenience and a minimal amount of stress and uncertainty.


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