Connecting Chauffeur Transportation Services with the Linked Trips Function

Clients may not be aware of all of the functions in the Livery Coach reservations and dispatch software that governs all of Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services’ reserved transportation services. Many such functions, though they may never come up in communication between our experienced reservations agents and our valued clients, help to ensure accuracy and efficiency of service and order information. One such helpful function is the feature allowing separate orders to be connected in Livery Coach, known as the Linked Trips feature.

Basically, the Linked Trips feature allows any order created in Livery Coach to be connected or linked to any other order or even multiple other orders. What this means functionally is that when an order is accessed in Livery Coach by any authorized Global Alliance staff member, a field will visibly display the confirmation number and date and time of any linked trip in the order summary. Simply by clicking on this field or on the onscreen button with a chain-link symbol on it, our agents can open any and all orders linked to the given order.

This feature allows return trips, continuous transfers, and any related services to be accessed and examined quickly and efficiently by Global Alliance agents. This allows Global Alliance to check for discrepancies or inaccuracies, but is particularly useful in cases of changes or cancellations. Should any order be changed or cancelled, onscreen pop-up windows will inform reservations or dispatch agents of any other reserved services linked to the altered or cancelled order. This way, requested changes can be applied across all related chauffeured services for the same passenger or group and cancellations can be confirmed as applying (or not applying) to related services as well.

Orders can be linked in this way automatically when our agents generate a return or continuous trip from an existing order, a feature which also efficiently copies vital order information to maximize booking speed and accuracy. Generating a return trip in Livery Coach reverses the pickup and drop off addresses while asking for a date and time on the return service and retaining the passenger and client contact and billing information. Generating a continuous trip retains the same information for a new order while defaulting to a pickup at the previous order’s drop location with the pickup time initially set from the end time of the prior order (all of which can be adjusted by reservations agents if required).

Clients utilizing Global Alliance’s online booking system can also link trips together as returns or continuous services when reserving on our website. Trips can also be linked in a more manual fashion by our agents, who can open the orders they wish to link together and select the Linked Trips option from a pull-down menu.

Utilizing the Linked Trips feature in Livery Coach allows Global Alliance’s experienced and conscientious reservations and dispatch agents to maintain a high level of accuracy and efficiency in managing our valued clients’ chauffeured transportation services.

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