Confirming Your Global Alliance Chauffeur Information

At Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services, we consider it vital to provide our valued clients with timely and accurate information concerning their chauffeured transportation services. Once a reservation has been made and the time of pickup approaches, the most important information for clients to receive in an efficient manner is the identification of their assigned professional chauffeur. With this in mind, Global Alliance employs several methods, both automated and hands-on, to ensure that this personal connection between chauffeur and passenger is reliably established prior to pickup.

The basic chauffeur information uniformly provided to Global Alliance clients consists of the chauffeur’s name and cell phone number. This information is automatically sent via our automated Chauffeur Direct system approximately 30 minutes prior to the reserved pickup time. The chauffeur’s name and number, along with a photo of the chauffeur, is sent to the provided email address for the passenger and/or the booking contact. This allows the client to be aware of the identity of the chauffeur, eases the visual recognition of the chauffeur by the passenger at the meeting point, and allows the client to contact the chauffeur directly on their phone and liaise on any changes in their service prior to initial contact.

Chauffeur Direct can also be set to send automated text messages to the cell phone of either the passenger, the booking contact, or both. This message contains the name and phone number of the assigned chauffeur and does not include a photograph. As is the case with Chauffeur Direct emails, automated text messages can be sent to any number of interested parties for any given reservation, as long as email addresses and cell numbers for passengers and/or contacts are provided at the time of booking.

Should contacts or passengers require chauffeur details more than 30 minutes prior to pickup time when Chauffeur Direct automatically sends them, they need only mention this at the time of reserving the service or call in to our office at their convenience to request those details. Should the chauffeur not yet be assigned at the time of the request, notes can be made on the order that this information is required by the client as soon as possible and our dispatch team will prioritize the assignment of a chauffeur and manually call, email, or text the client to provide the chauffeur’s name and number, as required. Make, model, year, and plate number of the assigned vehicle can also be provided, if required.

Finally, Global Alliance instructs all of its chauffeurs that should a cell phone number for the passenger have been provided, it is mandatory to text that number directly from their company mobile device to establish direct contact and detail their current staging position. This greatly eases contact between chauffeur and passenger, giving the passenger the chauffeur’s number contact to reply to directly, allowing the chauffeur to pass along their exact location, and expediting the meeting with passengers and vehicle entry.

Utilizing automation, manual oversight, and the attention of our professional chauffeurs, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services has placed multiple procedures in place to ensure that our valued clients receive chauffeur information in a timely and efficient manner.

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