Building Trust with Customer Service Excellence and Pricing Transparency: Prearranged Limousines vs. TNCs

Late last week, a post on this blog detailed the many advantages as concerns safety, licensing, and insurance protection offered by prearranged limousine services such as Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services when compared to app-based ridesharing services or transportation network companys (TNCs). In that discussion, we saw how in terms of providing for the worst, prearranged limo services like those offered by Global Alliance were best. But they are likewise the best at key frontline elements of chauffeured services: customer satisfaction and price transparency.

At Global Alliance, we valued our clients very highly, and therefore their continued satisfaction is our continued mission. Our chauffeurs are not only properly licensed with thorough background checks and applicable insurance in place before being allowed on the road to pick up our clients, as previously discussed. They are also subject to a comprehensive training process that highlights not only general company procedures and safe driving techniques, but emphasizes courtesy and instills customer service excellence.

Passengers in Global Alliance’s limousines should feel not only secure but content, and the manner, tone, and helpfulness of a chauffeur goes a long way towards ensuring a positive in-vehicle experience for our clients. Through training and re-training, solid customer service practices are encouraged and indeed demanded from chauffeurs at Global Alliance. While prearranged limo drivers do not hold a monopoly on good service, chauffeurs for ridesharing services are not subject to the same comprehensive training and Chauffeured-and-Limousine-Servicesfirm insistence on customer service excellence as a matter of company policy. A TNC driver may be courteous and friendly or may not; a Global Alliance chauffeur is required to meet a high standard of customer service excellence at all times.

Chauffeurs are not the only frontline customer service professionals supporting clients and striving to achieve a fantastic ground transportation experience in the prearranged limo business, either. Global Alliance’s experienced reservations and dispatch personnel are always available and accessible for our clients to contact via phone, email, online, or through our app with transfer orders, changes, price inquiries, concerns, or questions. Having such professional expertise available at a passenger’s fingertips is a great advantage that prearranged limo companies have over TNCs, who rarely if ever maintain similar support staff.

Another important consideration to mention is the matter of price transparency. At any time, a client of a prearranged limo service such as Global Alliance can request a price estimate for a transfer, whether it has been reserved or not, and receive a timely and accurate quote which includes taxes, gratuity, currency exchange, and any anticipated additional fees. Although TNCs will provide pricing in advance, that rate can change without warning and without recourse for a client to dispute charges. Likewise, ridesharing services will sometimes employ “surge pricing” during busy periods of peak activity, greatly inflating their rates in times of the most serious need for passengers.

Therefore, in the interest of both assuring excellent and seamless customer service and avoiding unpleasant billing surprises, prearranged limousine services such as those offered by Global Alliance are very much preferable to the uncertainties that characterize ridesharing TNCs.

For more information on the advantages of prearranged limousine services such as Global Alliance versus ridesharing TNCs, please visit sites such as Ride Responsibly and Who’s Driving You?.

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