Further Information Concerning Airport Fees

When a chauffeur representing Global Alliance meets their passenger(s) for an airport arrival, a constant requirement is the payment of an airport fee. This fee may be a standard parking fee or may be a special rate for limousine driver airport registration, depending on the specific airport regulations. Whether meeting a passenger inside the terminal or waiting in a pre-arranged lot or compound to be called up for a curbside pick-up, chauffeurs must pay some form of airport fee in almost every case. To offset this cost, Global Alliance adds airport charges to our clients’ bill for airport arrival transfers.

The exact amount of these charges varies, depending on the vehicle type in some cases and the fee policies of airports in all cases. At Toronto Pearson International Airport, the airport most frequently serviced by Global Alliance, registration fees for pre-arranged limousines are set on a scale based on vehicle passenger capacity and size. Therefore, smaller vehicles such as Sedans and SUVs are charged a lower fee than larger vehicles with higher customer capacity, such as Vans, Vanterras, Minicoaches and Buses. Please consult your Global Alliance reservations specialist for more information about the Pearson Airport fee structure.

airportAt Toronto’s other main airport, Toronto City Centre Airport, billable fees for arrival transfers are different. Since Global Alliance chauffeurs perform all pick-ups from YTZ arrivals in the main terminal located on the west end of the Toronto Islands, they are required to cross the channel to the airport on a ferry, which carries a fee. In addition to this island ferry fee, a parking fee is also billed for Island Airport arrivals. Please note that for transfers to YTZ upon departure, a ferry fee will also be billed should the passengers require a drop off at the island terminal rather than at the ferry facility on the mainland.

For service in other cities, airport fees will vary. Global Alliance reservations specialists have a compilation of airport fees at various commonly used airports around the world to consult when needed, but our trusted affiliates in other cities can always be contacted to confirm fees not listed in our Toronto office. Please note that tolls may also apply on airport transfers (arrivals and departures) depending on use of toll roads and/or bridges to or from airports.

Should our clients require any further details concerning airport fees or other charges, they may contact our reservations department and discuss these questions with our experienced agents.

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